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Property Inspections

An initial cosmetic inspection is performed after the Management Agreement is signed. Priority is given to habitability, city compliance, and legal concerns. In addition to an inspection that occurs when a renter initially occupies the rental and vacates the rental, periodic inspections are conducted throughout the year. These regular inspections are conducted to ensure the rental remains in good condition.

Not just a “Drive-By”

We don’t just “drive by”.  Let’s face it, some companies say they do inspections, but all they do is “drive by”…. how much good could a “drive by” be? What information can you get from a "drive-by"? Most of the damage a tenant could do is to the interior of the property. That’s why RPM takes the extra time to set up inspections with the tenant, twice a year, to go through each room in every property we manage.


Property InspectionsWe take pictures and upload them, along with the results of the property inspection, and then send it to you… so you know what’s going on. Furthermore, if there is anything that the tenant isn’t complying with, we go the extra mile to notify the tenant that they need to correct the violation. We are tough, but fair. There’s nothing worse than renting to someone and thinking that your property is being taken care of, just to discover upon move-out that the tenants have destroyed the property. Is there anything worse that the unknown? RPM helps minimize unwelcome surprises with our semi-annual inspection schedule.

There is a nominal fee to cover these when they are performed because we send a maintenance technician, not just a leasing agent, secretary, or sales person.  A maintenance technician, experienced in the field, is the best person for the job as they are familiar with the maintenance items that need to be checked out for preventative maintenance, in order to reduce the risk of future emergency maintenance requests. They also change the furnace filter while they are there, and if they find any minor repairs that they are able to fix immediately, they do it then-while they are on site!