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Real Property Management provides Headache Relief! It’s worth every penny spent! They manage my property with expertise and professionalism so I don’t have to stress about!

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Had a great experience with Sonia Kerrigan renting out a beautiful apartment in Oceanside with a beach view. She spent a lot of time and effort to accommodate all my requests and made my stay very enjoyable. Highly recommend and will definitely be using her again the next time I need a place in the Oceanside area.

So I do pest control work for Real Property Management - Winchester at there property. I deal with Sonia Kerrigan.  When i have any questions about the property I'm doing work at, she picks up her phone or meets me at the property. She likes the prices and work we do for her and the company. 

Coming from Plateau Pest Solutions!

Sonia Kerrigan was my landlord for about 5 months and she was simply put AWESOME! she always responded to me on time and was the best landlord I have ever had.
Now I have a different landlord and I miss her so much!! :-(  so does my neighbor.
Even before I moved in, she made sure that I would have a great time living in my place- it was my first " living on the beach" experience so I had so many questions but she was so kind to answer any questions that I had.

As I explained in the beginning of this review, she was the best landlord I had ever had and I highly recommend her.

I have rented an apartment through Sonia Kerrigan and it was great experience. All paperwork, check in and approval process was quick. The place was clean and very convenient. The checkout after 4 months of stay was awesome. My whole deposit was returned within 2 days. I think Overall Sonia Kerrigan did an excellent customer service and stood by her words she promised. I highly recommend her.

Real Property Management’s follow-up, response time and expertise have been extremely valuable to me as an owner new to the rental property business. Thanks again to Real Property Management for making this process easy and seamless.

Both my husband and I accepted new job offers and were planning our move in a very short period of time. Moving itself is very stressful, let alone finding a tenant for our house. Thankfully we found Real Property Management, who quickly helped us to determine the marketing strategy and listing price. Shortly after posting the ad online, Real Property Management brought in several potential tenants. Not long after that, the rental lease was signed before we moved. The whole procedure has been 100% worry-free.

My experience with Real Property Management has been “Real, Personal, Professional, and Effective.” This firm is focused on doing the right thing in a timely manner. The staff truly gets to know their customers and are concerned about the well-being and the rights of the property owner.

I have been with several companies since first investing in the real estate market in the 1980’s. I own 8 single family homes and 2 multi-family buildings. Since the 80’s I have been with many different property management companies. Since hiring RPM, I have never been happier with the management of my real estate investment portfolio. They are available to respond to the tenants 24/7. They provide accurate accounting information anytime I have a question. They manage my properties with the utmost care. I plan to have a long relationship with Real Property Management Winchester!

I have been working with Real Property Management for almost eight years now and could not be happier. Real Property has done an amazing job attending to my clients needs. From the moment I send them a client to completion, I feel like attention to detail is impeccable. They truly listen to client needs and make sure that they are well taken care of. When my clients have had issues with a property, Real Property has made sure to take care of the issue in a timely manner…giving my clients peace of mind. I would definitely refer all of my clients to Real Property Management!!!

Real Property Management takes care of the hassals of owning rental property , so I get to reap the benefits; making money.

I get to spend more time enjoying my life because I trust them to manage my properties. They handle everything from filling the vacancies to paying my monthly bills associated to the property to handling repairs and maintenance issues. It’s a stress free solution to owning investment properties.

Real Property Management provides Headache Relief! It’s worth every penny spent! They manage my property with expertise and professionalism so I don’t have to stress about!